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News: Cycling News


Columbia Sportswear Boycott

Cycling News | 01-11-2014 17:22 | All Bicycle Trader

Join in the boycott of Columbia Sportswear. Columbia stores will not take back defective and sub-standard apparel. The stores frustratingly advise customers to contact Columbia through the corporate website! The website makes it difficult for customers and they simply do not respond to emails. BOYCOTT this disgusting company.


Bike Theft - Bike Registry Canada

Cycling News | 22-05-2011 02:54 |

Bike Revolution is a U.K. company that uses the latest mobile applications and technology to offer greater features and services for cyclists who wish to protect and recover their lost and stolen bicycles. They have now collaborated with Bike Registry Canada to introduce a free bicycle registration and an anti-theft platform, Bike Revolution Canada, which provides the only national bicycle registration database in the country.


Google Maps add Bike Routes

Cycling News | 12-03-2010 13:57 |

Menlo Park (Global Adventures): Cyclists in 150 cities in the US can now use Google maps to plane their routes. The new feature introduced by Google gives step-by-step directions. Bike-friendly roads, trails and bike lanes show up as a new layer and are outlined directly on the map. Users can simply enter a starting point, choose a destination, and then select “Bicycling” from the drop-down menu.


Bicycle Frame Geometry

Cycling News | 10-02-2010 15:29
Author: Tom Mallard

In the wind-tunnel frame geometry if unfettered by a rule moves the downtube above the chainrings, this single move lowering the overall drag on the machine something like 7%, old news, Burroughs' & Obree both put out machines like this and they worked so well were banned in the late 1980's. But who races, in the USA, your street, your town, compared to who rides around? Most people ride around, so, they should use a bike with the tube raised and get a free ride! Industrial designers have a course on what amounts to what happens when you scale your idea up, to millions.


F1 Technology for Bicycles

Cycling News | 17-12-2009 16:24 | David Banks

During the climate conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday, MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory announced a new project for bicycles that uses an energy recovery technology similar to a program used in Formula One racing. The project, called the Copenhagen Wheel, is a regenerative brake that captures kinetic energy created under braking and stores the power in batteries for use later, similar to the KERS program used by some Formula One teams.

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